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Do you want complete honesty at work?

I didn’t think so!

177513.strip.print Do you want complete honesty at work?


But hey… you asked! And sometimes you get what you ask for.

The problem is that no manager nor employee really wants to know. However, knowing is what helps things get better… unless one of the following is true:

  • The people on the receiving end have no power or control to help answer your response,
  • The person doesn’t care about your response and is only looking to fulfill a check box on their checklist,
  • The superior or manager only wants to reinforce what they see through their own rose-colored glasses

Hey, but you asked!

Management: Failing at any speed you like!

Within the traditional workplace, it is often those with the “ideas” that too often never do the work to implement that idea.

This unwillingness to understand the work it takes to achieve that idea can often be what causes those who do the work to just not care at all.

This Dilbert cartoon is a classic illustration of the unwillingness to truly understand what is takes to perfect and make a truly bad or good idea… real!

176195.strip.print Management: Failing at any speed you like!

Big Data: Don’t Overreact

Calm down… calm down!

2013 01 09 Statistics Big Data: Dont Overreact

There have been many reactions to data…

and articles often (i.e.  BigData in HR: Why it’s Here and What it MeansBig Data in HR: The Opportunity, How BigData Tools Helps HR Understand You – Forbes, on and on) mention how data can help a business with understanding the customers they serve and the engagement of their employees. They’re have also been articles mentioning the need for HR professionals to pay attention, learn and use how data can be used to benefit them.

Don’t get it twisted

but don’t confuse the availability of that data versus the use of that data. It the data, no matter how big, is not used in context with what the business or its employees are facing then it can be confused as a virus when it really is just a symptom of the opportunity/problem you are trying to address. Too many people use data they collect in the wrong way. They use it to reinforce their assumptions rather than take a look at the picture data presents to make decisions for the short term and the long-term.

Use data, don’t abuse it

The key in analyzing data is making the content match the context. Just having people answer questions and then coming up with spreadsheets and graphs to prove your own point should not be a goal, not to mention it can illegal and unethical (dependent on who is reporting and how the data is presented – or just how much of a spotlight you have on you!)

Employee Relations-Dwight Schrute Style! (Reprint)

Can you imagine what your world would be like if you had a Dwight in your office.

Dwight Schrute worships and views his boss as model of success. His ultimate goal it to be 2nd only to him and while Dwight craves authority he also takes the authority even when it is not delegated or given. Sound like anyone in you office?
His almost psychotic following of office rules do not stay within the boundaries of the office. They include those of the Shrute farm, his volunteer deputy status and anything else that he can create from his sci-fi imagination. This is why he would be the ultimate employee relations nightmare. So if you had an employee with the following actions and/or thoughts listed below, how would you handle them?

Adapted from the evil thoughts of Dwight Schrute

 Employee Relations Dwight Schrute Style! (Reprint)

ALLIES – If history has taught me anything, it’s that you never count Chuck Norris out, and, most importantly, in any quest for power, one needs allies. Machiavelli knew it; he discussed it in detail in The Prince. During World War II, the Germans knew it; they created the Alliierte (Axis Powers) with Japan and Italy. And the Elves, Hobbits, and Humans knew it when they combined forces to win Middle Earth from Dark Lord Sauron. Now, I, Dwight Schrute know it.

ADAPTING TO UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCES – I learned my company could go bankrupt, causing every employee to lose their jobs. This revelation rocked me to the core – the thought of Jim Halpert getting laid off before I have a chance to get him fired was simply devastating.

CO-CONSPIRATORS – I don’t do well with partners. I almost never figure skate in pairs. At camp, my swim buddy drowned (not my fault he couldn’t keep up with me). However, a co-worker learned of my diabolical plans and forced me to conspire with him against my foe. Now, this solitary predator will have to learn to hunt with another. Ah-woooooo (that’s the sound of me howling like a wolf, the prototypical pack hunter – it’s a metaphorical howl)!

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES – When beginning a highly orchestrated, deliciously malevolent, genius revenge plot, it’s imperative to understand your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in your demise. Don’t believe me? Just ask every single James Bond villain…even the ones with sure-fire plots like hiding a nuclear weapon in a jewelry canister in order to explode it at the circus. Idiots – if they were really serious about world domination, they should’ve taken the time to properly assess James Bond’s abilities (enhanced sexual charisma, weapons & martial arts expertise, English accent) and his Achilles heel (inability to survive multiple bullet wounds to brain).

So if you were faced with this type of employee, what actions or precautions would you take, how would you handle them? What type of intervention and/or employee training would you implement for him and for the others who have to deal with this menace?


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