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Random Thought: Brands Suck, Humans Rule

Not one of those posts: I usually try to be pretty informative and insightful in my posts but this is not one of those posts. This is a random thought post.

I came across a post “Decision Making, Social Media & Corporate Branding” written by @ImSoSarah. A quick synopsis of the post, from my perspective, is that everyone has a brand  (now trendily… if that’s a word) and all people/companies try so hard to manage that brand. The thing is that many people connect, friend and follow others not necessarily for the corporate information and deals that you have, but more for the off-topic and quirky information that is sometimes randomly put out.

Trendy Terms: Me personally, I could care less about trendy terms, yet I do understand the power in those terms like “brand” and peoples perception of that brand. I personally believe in seriousness, humor, connections and information. I try to do all four within my blog, twitter feed and my other digital footsteps. At the same time I try also to be serious and valid in the topics I present.

My comment in her post was the following:

The funniest thing about branding (corporate, business and personal) is that depending on who you are, what you do and where you do it - people act like they are not human.  Thing is we have quirks, we cuss, have gr8 & bad times, we say and do stupid things. Yet somehow we try so hard to cover it all up.

No one has to put it all out there but by putting something out that isn’t manufactured, always polished and plastic-surgery-perfect… people get to see that you are human!

And wouldn’t you or any one of us rather spend time with a HUMAN rather then a BRAND! I sure would.

Main Point: So to clean it up… it is better to have real connections with real people who actually do real things!

Brands suck… HUMANs Rule

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  • lynhoyt
    Hell yeah! That is my human response.
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