db2a8a84 a02f 4ad4 b62b 89ef1057436a The Illusion of Too Busy

Often we are not really that busy. More often then not, when any of us complain that we never have enough time it is really stemmed from the fact that we DON’T take enough time to just focus on a few things and get the project or task completed or over with. Now just imagine how much time the following things take:

  • complaining
  • pointing fingers
  • waiting on someone else to make a decision
  • waiting on someone else to give instructions
  • waiting on someone else…
  • blaming
  • offering opinion and suggestions but never any alternative actions
  • etc, etc…

When all you really need to do is (1) sit down (2) organize your priorities and (3) complete them in order!

Who knows maybe if you did that huge pile of “too busy” will become an empty stack of “relief”

Don’t over complicate things by making things over-complicated!

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