light switch 2 Lights Out = No Excuses Regarding Performance! #SuperbowlXLVII

So Superbowl XLVII is over. And a lot of people are gonna blame the power outage for the result.

Some will blame Beyonce’ for her ability to drain the power from the stadium that they believe lead to the end result.

Some will blame the psychology that took place as a result of the 87 minute break in between the beginning of half-time and the beginning of the 2nd half.

However, no one should blame any of this on those factors. The only blame resides on the pure performance or lack of performance of the players in this game.


But like I said tonight: “If I was at work & the lights suddenly went out and came back on, I doubt anyone would accept the excuse of me not being able to perform because of it! #SuperBowl #NoExcuses #SuckItUp”




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