…is a great thing.

I don’t know who invented it. I don’t know who promoted it. I don’t know the original business that started to do commercials, create advertising, make special gifts like shaving kits, corny ties and golf sets especially for fathers.

Funny thing is, I don’t ever remember celebrating Father’s Day when I was growing up. Maybe I took it for granted. Maybe I didn’t. I was lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have 4 dads. Yeah, I said it - four. Only one that really mattered. But that is another story.

I never sent a card. Had a party or remember celebrating. I guess when it mattered I was probably too young. This may be why this day actually matters more for me now.

fathers day2 Dads Day...This is my first real fathers day. My son is two, which means this is officially and technically my second celebration. However, this is the first one that he may remember. The one that he can actually say…

“appy audders tay Daddy… arggghhhhh”

Not all of us appreciate what we have. We are not always lucky enough to experience a family. Or the times when we had the chance to, we took those moments for granted. Today, appreciate the father you have in your life. If your situation has made it tough, reach out to the loved ones that you don’t speak to as often.

I for one don’t need cards, or gifts. Don’t care too much for a cake or celebration. As long as I have the ones I’m closest to appreciating me on this day… if I can have the love of my boy continue well past our disagreement, I think that should be enough! Memories!

“appy audders tay Daddy… yeaaaaaahhhhh….  I wuv u dadddy”

*** tear ***

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