No matter who you are; rich, poor, race, culture, creed, educated or not… this economy is effecting you.

Currently the unemployment rate is 9.1%. I was affected just around a year ago. Like many others I did everything that people say you should do. Get an education, stay well-networked, present yourself in the best way possible. Unfortunately, I had found myself in the unemployment line in August of 2009.

Sadly, I sometimes forget. I take my current position and livelihood for granted and at times need to be reminded. We all need reminders that at any moment, something could happen to put us in a position that we would rather not be in.

The story of Maurice Johnson, a 55-year-old down-on-his-luck Bostonian, reminded me how close we all are to an edge we don’t want to look down. His story also challenges the popular perception of homeless people by being an unemployed aerospace engineer with two Master’s degrees. If you can help a scientist-down-on-his-luck out… then please do so!