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Healthy Travel: Fitness Program For The Corporate Road Warrior

Well everyone it is beginning to get warm out. The rain is bringing taller grass as a result of all of us travelling more and more for work and conference season. With that, I like to work out at least 3 to 4 days a week. Between swimming and weights, I don’t like to stay a way from the gym to long. But, like many, the travel makes it harder and harder for any of us to even get to a gym much less go mall walking around the hotel parking lot. So to help you all get fit even when you are travelling is my friend and work place fitness guru Danielle Korb.

 Healthy Travel: Fitness Program For The Corporate Road Warrior

Danielle Korb


Exercise while travelling

You want to stay healthy while you travel with an exercise routine that is fun, simple, challenging, & effective…… you are a Fit Traveler! Here are 3 exercise routines to help you stay in shape and burn calories while you are on the road.

Exercise while traveling presents it’s challenges with new gyms & equipment, no gym, and limited time. With fitness on the road I have designed 3 exercise plans that help you burn a lot of calories, work in the gym/outside/in a hotel room, & are full of effective exercises that optimize your time.

Monitor your heart rate

Monitoring your heart rate while you workout can help you keep the workout more of a fun challenge while burning more calories at the same time. When you do each exercise your target heart rate should be 85% of your maximum heart rate. Your Maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. If you are 30 years old: 220 - 30 = 190 beats per minute. Your Target heart rate of 85% of your 190 Maximum Heart Rate is 161 beats per minute. You can measure your heart rate after an exercise by taking your pulse for 10 seconds and multiplying by 6.

If you travel a lot you may want to consider investing in a heart rate monitor or a wrist heart rate monitor. These are great because they act like a little personal trainer. They remind you to keep your workout intense and they keep you reaching to your 85% target heart rate goal for the entire workout.

Exercise Program
Preform each exercise for 30 seconds & rest for 15 seconds between each exercise. Do the routine 5 times through for a 20 minute workout. For these workouts I’m your online personal trainer with links to videos of me demonstrating how to do some of the exercises. Have Fun with your Fitness….Go Fit Traveler!

Number 1: Healthy Travel Exercise Program
1. Squats
2. Push Ups
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Alternating Lunges
5. High Knees in Place

Number 2: Healthy Travel Exercise Program
1. Full Sit up
2. Glute Kick in Place (heels to booty)
3. Lunge Jumps
4. Tricep Dips
5. Squat Jumps

Number 3 with Equipment: Healthy Travel Exercise Program
1. Overhead Press
2. Alternating Step Ups
3. Bicep Curl
4. Jump Rope
5. Chest Press

About your contributor: Danielle Korb is the owner and founder of Sweat Training, Downtown Cincinnati’s Urban Loft Style Gym catering to the Urbanite that Works Hard, Trains Hard, & Enjoys the Social Scene. You may take part in the Indoor Urban Boot Camp & consultations for Personal Training. Train at Sweat! your Online Personal Trainer. Click For More Fitness & Healthy Food Ideas!

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Eat Your Breakfast. Nutrition and Work

eat Eat Your Breakfast. Nutrition and WorkI am a snacker! I am a 5-meal-a-day person. That means I eat breakfast. Usually starting the day eating a bowl of cereal as I catch up on the morning news before I leave for the start of the work day. Then I am still typically a little hungry. That means I head to the small cafeteria we have on the premises. Anything from a biscuit and gravy to tater tots and juice, etc. The snacking continues throughout the day.

When I say “I am a 5 -meal-a day person” that means I have 3 regular meals consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other 2 to 3 meals are really small snacks. These consist of anything from fruit to crackers, sweets to chips. I need that in order to curb my overall hunger and to also stay under my overall goal of not becoming obese. I can say obese because it is an actually term used in health, wellness and in open enrollment health plans!

It’s funny when I say obese or fat around the people I know to be obese, friends who have weight to lose, or those who just think I am an idiot for saying it. I am not trying to make fun to get a reaction. It is just interesting to see their reactions. They think I am referring to them when I am actually referring to them.

They take offense. They shouldn’t. I am not referring to them. I am not referring to you. Nor am I stating that I want to be “unlike you.” I am simply saying that I do not want to be obese. This means paying attention to nutrition. It mean focusing at times on your health. It also means not just focusing on what you do or do not eat but what you do in the form of activity as well. I am also active. I play golf. My son helps a lot. I also work out 3 to 5 times a week. Now I could use more cardio… always.

Maybe I am being ignorant (and please tell me if I am) but it amazes me how many people don’t eat breakfast in the morning. How they go through their day with more soda then they do water. How they are so routinely taking the elevators versus one flight of steps. Those who are  able don’t have as much of an excuse. There are many people I am close to that have health issues that do not allow them to do the type of exercise that many of us can. Hereditary issues that keep them from losing weight. I do not chastise these individuals. But I do chastise the people who are able, but through the process of routine, and lack of self-empathy they just do nothing. That are pretty much couch potatoes.

Breakfast is important for Brain Function. Nutrition is important in schools! So why should work be any different?

While nutrition is important many experts and reports say that it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you eat something for breakfast. I just say eat. Don’t skip meals. Especially breakfast.

Important PSA: Wash your hands!

Not a typical ReThinkHR post… but this is a serious topic. People are getting out of hand. They are ignoring their hands. I mean seriously, they are not washing their hands…

wash your hands Important PSA: Wash your hands!People don’t typically discuss this topic but this is a topic that is very important.
I can’t speak for the ladies but I can speak for guys that may not want to admit it in front of anyone else. Yeah, I am laying it out there!
There are plenty of guys that use the bathroom but don’t use the sink.
They do their business, use the toilet and/or the urinal…
but do not bother to use the sink!
Here’s how it goes down:
1. Guy walks in. (not into a bar - ha ha - ba da dum)
2. Heads to the stall.
3. Does his business.
4. Walks out and closes the stall.
and get this
he either
5. Walks up to sink and does a 1-second rinse and shake of the hands in the sink or
5.5. He walks directly out of the bathroom, without doing either.

I know you have heard or witnessed it. And yes ladies, I have heard from my lady friends that women can be even worse.

Guys wash your hands and spend some time on doing so.
I say “your” hands because I am OCD when it comes to hygiene and washing hands. So when I shake someones hand I don’t want to have to worry about where it has been.

Washing your hands is important!
How many people do you come into contact with daily?
Think about it like this… out of of all those people in business, the ones you have meetings with and go out to LUNCH with…
How many people do you shake hands with?

Imagine even closer contact with said person(s)?

Wash your hands! Think about this the next time you are shaking someone’s hand… did they do number 1 or number 2.
Eeeewwwwww… I know that was un-needed but necessary!

Have you witnessed events like this? Have you ever called anyone out?


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