How NOT to fire an employee: AOL and Tim Armstrong

If you think all CEO’s are leaders here is evidence to the contrary.

AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong is not a terrible CEO but there is a reason employment law is not his specialty.

I am sure they are an “At Will Employer“.

Listen to Tim fire’s creative director Abel Lenz on August 9 for taking a photo during a conference call regarding downsizing of Patch’s news sites.

Talk vs Action

well done is better than well said Talk vs Action

“ Well done is better than well said. ” — Benjamin Franklin

Employee versus Leader


Why You Are Not a Leader Employee versus Leader
Until you “do what’s best” versus “do what is asked,”

you will always be but a mere employee.


Being a boss, manager or one with a designated title does not make you a leader.

It is having the courage and strength to do what’s right rather than what is common that makes you earn the title.


However, earning the title is easier said than done.

Work: Only the few…

Tell me, does your work/position/company/manager/colleague allow you to be a scientist,

or when you go out to explore and discover… do they beat you back into the box?

I bet you I can guess what the answer may be…

 Work: Only the few...


Who beats you down?

Please let me know below!


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