HR Brand and Culture

For Marketing, PR, Sales, etc. you could argue that there has always been an aspect of branding in the way they approach the business. They even, whether they recognize it or not, are creating a culture in the way they interact with their customers, evolving the way they do business. These approaches represent who they are and what they do!

Brand and Culture are, what I would call, “the new sexy” for companies. Really the “new sexy” for anyone in Human Resources. These words… “brand’ and ‘culture’ have become terms that HR has either scathed and embraced.

I was asked to speak at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce. It is being held today, Tuesday October 19, 2010. As a part of their HYPE Talent Symposium I will be speaking on the topic of “Brand versus Culture: Creating the new DNA of Human Resources”

I will be touching on the following points:

  • Definition: Brand and Culture
  • What these terms mean, for a Company and  HR, in Talent Management
  • Evolution of HR
  • Best Practices: both good and bad
  • Make no comparisons
  • Don’t let the work get in the way
  • Being Visible
  • Communicate and Listen
  • Admit mistakes
  • Be a business person
  • Understand your own hiring process
Feel free to take a look at the presentation (without context) on Slideshare:
Thanks and wish me luck!

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