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PURPOSE of this Blog:

The purpose of this site has evolved over time. The first post, “HR Researcher,” explains how this began. Ideas and approaches have and will continue to evolve.

About the Author

As author of RE-Think HR, Benjamin is an innovative professional and believes that when you work effectively in teams and independently, you not only help to improve processes, quality and customer satisfaction, but also the entire well-being of the people that contribute to a company!

As a Leadership Performance Consultant Benjamin McCall is passionate about leveraging talent management strategy and business learning and performance. Benjamin has been a practitioner within the field of HR, OD and Learning Development for over 13 years. He has worked for Fortune 500 organizations within the fields of Financial Services, Education, and Manufacturing both private and public. His passion for collaboration and the exchange of ideas is evident through his active involvement in social media, Leadership and Training work, this blog ReThinkHR.org, and public speaking. Tweet with Benjamin at @BenjaminMcCall.

Educational background includes a degree in Management and another from Information Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration.  He has numerous certifications within the areas of communications, technology, and leadership training.