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Leadership is about what you have…

…not what you don’t.

Anyone can complain about the opportunities they don’t have. It takes a special person to realize what they do have and create opportunities from them!

What excuses are you making?

The inspirational true story of how soccer became the number one pastime in the floating village of Koh Panyee. (5 Minute Video worth watching twice)

Eat Your Breakfast. Nutrition and Work

eat Eat Your Breakfast. Nutrition and WorkI am a snacker! I am a 5-meal-a-day person. That means I eat breakfast. Usually starting the day eating a bowl of cereal as I catch up on the morning news before I leave for the start of the work day. Then I am still typically a little hungry. That means I head to the small cafeteria we have on the premises. Anything from a biscuit and gravy to tater tots and juice, etc. The snacking continues throughout the day.

When I say “I am a 5 -meal-a day person” that means I have 3 regular meals consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other 2 to 3 meals are really small snacks. These consist of anything from fruit to crackers, sweets to chips. I need that in order to curb my overall hunger and to also stay under my overall goal of not becoming obese. I can say obese because it is an actually term used in health, wellness and in open enrollment health plans!

It’s funny when I say obese or fat around the people I know to be obese, friends who have weight to lose, or those who just think I am an idiot for saying it. I am not trying to make fun to get a reaction. It is just interesting to see their reactions. They think I am referring to them when I am actually referring to them.

They take offense. They shouldn’t. I am not referring to them. I am not referring to you. Nor am I stating that I want to be “unlike you.” I am simply saying that I do not want to be obese. This means paying attention to nutrition. It mean focusing at times on your health. It also means not just focusing on what you do or do not eat but what you do in the form of activity as well. I am also active. I play golf. My son helps a lot. I also work out 3 to 5 times a week. Now I could use more cardio… always.

Maybe I am being ignorant (and please tell me if I am) but it amazes me how many people don’t eat breakfast in the morning. How they go through their day with more soda then they do water. How they are so routinely taking the elevators versus one flight of steps. Those who are  able don’t have as much of an excuse. There are many people I am close to that have health issues that do not allow them to do the type of exercise that many of us can. Hereditary issues that keep them from losing weight. I do not chastise these individuals. But I do chastise the people who are able, but through the process of routine, and lack of self-empathy they just do nothing. That are pretty much couch potatoes.

Breakfast is important for Brain Function. Nutrition is important in schools! So why should work be any different?

While nutrition is important many experts and reports say that it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you eat something for breakfast. I just say eat. Don’t skip meals. Especially breakfast.

Idiots Guide to RSS. How do I set up my RSS Reader

how an rss feed reader works Idiots Guide to RSS. How do I set up my RSS ReaderYou read my blog? Cool…

I was having a conversation with a few people last night at a networking event. We started talking about the way we learn new things, stay abreast of current news and events, interact with others and how we gather information for both personal and professional use. After a mention of my own blog, here at ReThinkHR.org, one colleague mentioned that it was a must read (I’m Honored!). With which the group replied, “cool you have a blog… so what do you talk about?” I began to describe it and a few said that they would have to stop by and read it.

What’s an RSS feed?

For those in the group that currently read it, I was actually surprised to find that several people liked what I had to say and said they stopped by here frequently. I asked, Do you have an RSS feed… blah blah blah. From there it went further into the conversation of how setting up an RSS feed would be very beneficial for anyone trying to stay alert to new info! So for those that have no clue, here are a few resources to help those of you that have never set one up - start to set on up. I promise you it will make your eyes happy!

Oh and feel free to subscribe to this blog if you have yet to do so: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ReThinkHR

Quick Resources

How to set up an RSS Feed (PDF)

RSS in Plain English: (Click for to View)

Intro to Google Reader (Video - In Plain English - Click to View)

How to set up a Google Account and Google Reader (Click to View)

HR & Social Media is featured on Mashable.com

I believe that it is the time for Human Resources. The time that many companies, people, employees, vendors and executives are seeing the need of the people who represent and lead the roles to add value to the overall effectiveness in the organization.

mashable logo HR & Social Media is featured on Mashable.comHR is showing up more and more. This is evidenced through publications like BNet.com and other national papers and blogs. Mashable is no exception and they have talked about Social Media in the workplace context for awhile.

I am happy we as a profession are getting more recognition. It is just more reinforcement for us as professionals. We have more tools and encouragement to be champions for our function as well as advertise that passion. I am very excited to be included in an article on Mashable.com. It was written by a great advocate for the field Sharlyn Lauby and includes some great contributors to the convo! I invite you to add to the discussion in the Mashable article entitied ”The Future of HR & SocialMediahttp://t.co/gv8xkyI - Leave your thoughts.

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