Taking time for Creativity… no matter the cost!

You can have it “Right” or you can have it “Now.” But you cannot have it Right + Now.

It’s important to realize that all human beings need time. With no time to delve deep, to create or allow ourselves a moment to be creative we miss out on the opportunity to do even greater things.

Regardless of your work, don’t just DO what is expected… take the TIME to DO what is needed!

The Right Music For Work

I love music. I especially like having music run in the background before meetings, training, and during breaks. It dislodges the silence, shifts the awkwardness of introductions and has the potential to remove the space we feel between each other when first meeting. But what is the right music for you?

job related music style infographic The Right Music For Work

THINK more. Talk Less

I have started to post shorter and shorter articles on this site. The reason has a purpose. The reason is on purpose.

I am trying, for myself, to work on THINKing more and talking less. Be able to fully understand the concepts I want to convey while translating those concepts for others to fully grasp, understand and relate to those ideas.

Dan Roam is the author of BLAH BLAH BLAH and explains why we talk too much. He also has a nice way of illustrating how we can use our natural visual advantage that the brain gives us to become better problem solvers. Using the concept of “Vivid Thinking” is one way of becoming better communicators and story tellers.

Here are two videos that walk through these ideas:



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