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The danger in over-personalization

Access = Access Less

While the internet, social networking, RSS feeds, Android, Apple and other social technologies allow us as individuals and companies to gain access to information that we lacked access to previously; that same technology has locked us into our own interest, essentially taking away our awareness to different streams, feeds and… Different Ideas!

A while back I wrote about the Importance of Different Ideas! The understanding that while we enjoy connecting and getting information from others this same silo of specialized information keeps us from exploring things outside of our own frequently traveled feeds and interest. It is this act of “personalization” that keeps us from the pursuit of other interest.

The danger in over-personalization

I recently attended ASTD International Conference in Orlando, FL. While I was there I had the opportunity to interview Marcus Buckingham, Author of the book Strengths Finder and the upcoming title Stand Out. Be on the look out for a post regarding this interview. During this interview it reminded me of the faults in over personalization of information and internet streams.

A recent TED talk from Eli Pariser, author of “The Filter Bubble,” speaks of the dangers of only staying within the boundaries of our interest, the pain that these filters create, and the importance of not becoming a “Web of 1″



Networking - You can’t do it if you don’t show up

I presented at an event yesterday, No Job Now What, that was sponsored by a local Job Search Focus Group and WCPO Channel 9. I discussed the topic of “Networking.” Now while this is something that many people have opinions on, I presented from my own perspective and what I have learned from tried and true methods.

A few people throughout the day had some perceptions about networking while also being in “transition.” Some had no idea how to create a network from scratch, while others did not know how to approach their current network and friends as a result of the comfort level of being unemployed. One comment was…

“So you think it is worth joining various groups like a job search group? I just don’t see the point with most of them being unemployed and talking mostly about how long they have been out of work..”

First of all shr said “most of them” which assumes that she is in a somewhat different class of being out of work rather then other people who are unemployed! Does that even make sense?

My response to her was … “How do you know that’s what they talk about… have you ever attended?”
Her response “well no I haven’t but…”
Me… “No… How do you know? You don’t, because how would you know what they talk about if you never attended. If you never tried…”

Too many people assume what goes on. They make assumptions about people and groups without being a part of them.

Here are some points we discussed in the session:

  1. Mistakes people make
  2. Do a self assessment: Why are you networking
  3. Be remembered
  4. Be Strategic
  5. Be Human: You’re not on an elevator
  6. Be Noticed
  7. Be considered the expert
  8. Have Focus for where you are unique in your field
  9. Be Authentic
  10. Be Honest
  11. Update your core network: Let them know how you are doing and ask them how they are too!

I have included my slides and a video story from WCPO on my own search when I was looking for a job. Hope you enjoy.

Note on the video: I think it is funny how those reporting sound so amazed that companies are posting positions on social network sites. IT’S AMAZING>>>!! In my interview we talked about A LOT of stuff and the social media piece is all they ended up focusing on. (My search was not as simple as it sounds but it’s all good)!

(Click to view WCPO story for Reader)

Presentations in 5 minutes or Less. Ignite Cincinnati 4

It can be difficult preparing a presentation. Whether for a small or large group. Depending on the topic you have to know you subject and be comfortable with the take that an audience will have on that topic. It is one thing to present to an audience that you are familar with. It is another when you are lumped together with a large group of various topics for the purpose of entertainment.

This Wednesday I will be presenting once again at Ignite Cincinnati. This will be the 4th installment of the local event bringing together 18 people to do 5 minute presentations on a variety of topics and my second time presenting. This time they have increased the venue from holding 150 people to 300+. I look forward to screwing up royaly.

Below is my last presentation that took place earlier this summer. I will plan to post my slides & video from this weekend sometime in the near future.

Why you should not be a statistic.


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