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The Important Difference Between Talent & Skill

Many insights but to me, the most important aspect is the fundamental difference between Talent and Skill. The understanding that whatever you have it is nothing without work and ethic!

NYE Resolution: 7 Signs your best employee is looking!

Some employers think they don’t have to worry about the exodus of employees leaving the four walls of their organization whether it be due to the economy, fear, or complacency. However, even with a 8.5% + unemployment rate, your best employees always have an opportunity to leave.

With everyone getting into the New Year spirit of Resolutions… I am sure that finding another job in a perceived better company is one of those resolutions. I guarantee you this one may not die as quickly as their new gym membership!

Here are a 7 signs they may be leaving you….

11.11.07 RockstarEmployee1 NYE Resolution: 7 Signs your best employee is looking!

Are your Leaders lazy?

132446.strip Are your Leaders lazy?


Has this happened to you? You put your time and effort into getting people and leaders what they need to be more effective and they don’t give the common courtesy to recognize it.

  • Are your leaders lazy?
  • Worst of all are you, as a leader, lazy? 

Management is preperation, time and effort. Leadership is putting good people in good situations for them to be more effective. Often, those who are in roles as managers and often looked to as leaders, are just giving in to pure laziness.

Don’t be lazy!




To LEAD you must Delegate!

What makes the most effective Leaders; whether it be at the front line, shop floor, middle manager or the glass ceiling is simply…

…The Ability to LET GO!

The only way to become more effective at what you do, to focus on the direction and the vision of your path is to let go of the things that keep you from moving forward. This means:

  1. Delegating to those around, under and above appropriately,
  2. Dumping anything that is absolutely non-essential to what you absolutely need to focus your time on which will allow you to start
  3. Doing the things that you must absolutely do that no one else should be held accountable for. These can also be the things that are actually in your capability, skill and potential.

This is not easy. While I and all of you are most likely overwhelmed, overloaded and overworked; an exercise to help figure out what you must (1) Delegate, (2) Dump, and (3) Do is even more essential then ever.

An Exercise for Delegation

Take a moment to list all of the activities you perform in your role. Then take each thing and categorize it under one of the columns. You may realize how much you need and don’t need to DO, what you should DELEGATE to help those around you become better, and then focus on what you absolutely need to DO!


Now it is time for your to assess how much you hold onto. Follow the instructions below and think about what you listed and what you can realistically prioritize! Good luck.










—————-DO———- ————DUMP———-















Try this! After you do it let me know what you thought, took away, or maybe even changed!


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