Work: Only the few…

Tell me, does your work/position/company/manager/colleague allow you to be a scientist,

or when you go out to explore and discover… do they beat you back into the box?

I bet you I can guess what the answer may be…

 Work: Only the few...


Who beats you down?

Please let me know below!

The Important Difference Between Talent & Skill

Many insights but to me, the most important aspect is the fundamental difference between Talent and Skill. The understanding that whatever you have it is nothing without work and ethic!

Overworked Exempt Employees

Being exempt is not equal to a blank check for an employee. However, this is the practice in many organizations that are running thin on resources, short on time, and limited on staff.

You have to watch how you the time of your exempt employees. Sure legally there is not an exact clock on being exempt but if you don’t allow freedom in the WAY employees in this category can manage their work, well then you could actually decrease your overall operational productivity.

If the treatment of time moves from flexibility in producing the work to “clock watching,” then you might as well have them all be non-exempt!

168510.strip.print Overworked Exempt Employees


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