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Employee versus Leader


Why You Are Not a Leader Employee versus Leader
Until you “do what’s best” versus “do what is asked,”

you will always be but a mere employee.


Being a boss, manager or one with a designated title does not make you a leader.

It is having the courage and strength to do what’s right rather than what is common that makes you earn the title.


However, earning the title is easier said than done.

Work: Only the few…

Tell me, does your work/position/company/manager/colleague allow you to be a scientist,

or when you go out to explore and discover… do they beat you back into the box?

I bet you I can guess what the answer may be…

 Work: Only the few...


Who beats you down?

Please let me know below!

Trust and Performance

I think you missed the point!

I guess it could be a translation of which is the chicken and which is the egg? Dilbert has been so on point!

179127.strip.print Trust and Performance

Aligning Expectations is a moving target


177173.strip.print Aligning Expectations is a moving target


Too often we leave a meeting, interaction, quick or long conversation with an idea in our minds. Whether you are the manager or the employee, the parent or child, or even colleague or friend…

you may leave with a certain expectation of what happened, what was agreed to, or how the next steps should take place.


When we go into and then leave these interactions, especially when there is an action or an agreement made, a perceived Contract is written. There is an agreement made in the mind, regardless of whether or not it was physically written. Each time you come back to receive or outline progress around this agreement that Contract is re-written, adjusted, erased, edited and reprinted in your mind.


The problem is that we all expect different things and those expectations do not always align. So take a moment to think before you judge the next time someone you have interacted with does not meet your expectations. It may not be about performance but more about the misunderstanding of that Contract around the Expectation!




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