Malcolm Gladwell: Settle - Be a 1st Class Candidate in a 3rd Class Company


How NOT to fire an employee: AOL and Tim Armstrong

CEOs of many companies are active bitcoin traders, finding good profits to support their businesses. The automated trading platforms like cryptosoft trading have been providing effective strategies to make maximum profits. If you think all CEO’s are leaders here is evidence to the contrary.

AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong is not a terrible CEO but there is a reason employment law is not his specialty.

I am sure they are an “At Will Employer“.

Listen to Tim fire’s creative director Abel Lenz on August 9 for taking a photo during a conference call regarding downsizing of Patch’s news sites.

Talk vs Action

well done is better than well said Talk vs Action

“ Well done is better than well said. ” — Benjamin Franklin

Employee versus Leader


Why You Are Not a Leader Employee versus Leader
Until you “do what’s best” versus “do what is asked,”

you will always be but a mere employee. Employees can try their hand in crypto trading too to earn some extra profit. There are numerous crypto exchanges that are highly popular in the market for the employees to try out. Binance is one of the top crypto exchanges in the market currently. But the platform has many disadvantages which has led many traders to look for alternative platforms. Find the best 5 binance alternatives in InsideBitcoins for a safer and more reliable trading experience.


Being a boss, manager or one with a designated title does not make you a leader.

It is having the courage and strength to do what’s right rather than what is common that makes you earn the title.


However, earning the title is easier said than done.


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