The problem with Ideas

That we all have them… but never do anything with them

The biggest problem with our ideas is that many are never acted on!

We love the idea of an idea. But we never care too much for the work it takes to make that idea a reality!

Taking time for Creativity… no matter the cost!

You can have it “Right” or you can have it “Now.” But you cannot have it Right + Now.

It’s important to realize that all human beings need time. With no time to delve deep, to create or allow ourselves a moment to be creative we miss out on the opportunity to do even greater things.

Regardless of your work, don’t just DO what is expected… take the TIME to DO what is needed!

Innovation: Have we stopped dreaming?

By not dreaming, by not having the intent to discover, we are putting our culture at a deficit.
If we don’t prepare and plan the succession of individuals, technology and talent for the future we are essentially bankrupting our future.

If we only think about today then tomorrow is gone!

Don’t stop dreaming.


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