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Trust and Performance

I think you missed the point!

I guess it could be a translation of which is the chicken and which is the egg? Dilbert has been so on point!

179127.strip.print Trust and Performance

Management: Failing at any speed you like!

Within the traditional workplace, it is often those with the “ideas” that too often never do the work to implement that idea.

This unwillingness to understand the work it takes to achieve that idea can often be what causes those who do the work to just not care at all.

This Dilbert cartoon is a classic illustration of the unwillingness to truly understand what is takes to perfect and make a truly bad or good idea… real!

176195.strip.print Management: Failing at any speed you like!

Are your Leaders lazy?

132446.strip Are your Leaders lazy?


Has this happened to you? You put your time and effort into getting people and leaders what they need to be more effective and they don’t give the common courtesy to recognize it.

  • Are your leaders lazy?
  • Worst of all are you, as a leader, lazy? 

Management is preperation, time and effort. Leadership is putting good people in good situations for them to be more effective. Often, those who are in roles as managers and often looked to as leaders, are just giving in to pure laziness.

Don’t be lazy!





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