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Random Thought: Brands Suck, Humans Rule

Not one of those posts: I usually try to be pretty informative and insightful in my posts but this is not one of those posts. This is a random thought post.
I came across a post “Decision Making, Social Media & Corporate Branding” written by @ImSoSarah. A quick synopsis of the post, from my perspective, is [...]

Generational Argument: Get over it

The following post I wrote appeared on Sarah White’s blog in February of 2009 . I am posting it on my blog for 2 reasons. (1) To keep an archive of what I have written and (2) to promote Sarah’s awesomeness. She is a cool cat with lots great insight. She also happens to [...]

Conan & NBC - The Wrong Approach to Employee Relations

By now everyone has heard about the rollercoaster changes to NBC’s Late night lineup and the flack they are getting. I think that companies, HR and employees can learn a little something from this situation. We all have been faced with decisions that leadership makes. There are times we agree and other times where [...]

New Year Resolution for HR: Training, Don’t Tell Me Show Me!

As we go into the new year, everyone will have Resolutions. I want to lose weight, I need a better job, I will, I won’t, I want. There are others that will want to advance their own skills and knowledge by attending new training, seminars and classes. This is great. But what if you attend [...]

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