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Random Thought: Brands Suck, Humans Rule

Not one of those posts: I usually try to be pretty informative and insightful in my posts but this is not one of those posts. This is a random thought post.
I came across a post “Decision Making, Social Media & Corporate Branding” written by @ImSoSarah. A quick synopsis of the post, from my perspective, is [...]

4 Reasons Satan IS your Online friend!

About a month ago I joined Seeing so many updates on Twitter from people I’m connected to telling where they are, great places to eat, etc etc. At first, like anything else it was kind of creepy. Allowing people to not only see what you are doing but also show the exact location [...]

Twitter: A Learning Tool? Whatever…

There are worlds of research related to how we learn. This research and opinion can even be broken down by groups, individuals and organizations to differences in culture, geographic location and how learning is facilitated. One technology that can help bring all these elusively segregated items together is cloud computing.  Twitter, while loosely connected in [...]

Personal Brand: What’s on your chalkboard?

 When I was in College obtaining my first degree I worked with students. I was a Diversity Advocate and later became a Resident Assistant and Residence Life Coordinator within the dormitories of the university. This was probably the subconscious start to my career within HR and Learning Development.
I was an RA for 3 summers for [...]

Evolution: the Cell Phone, Social Media got next!

It is amazing what we have seen in just the last 20 years with technology.
Wonder what we’ll see in the next 5, not only for technology but also in the realm of Social Media!

TED discusses what social media can mean in the future.

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