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4 Reasons Satan IS your Online friend!

About a month ago I joined Seeing so many updates on Twitter from people I’m connected to telling where they are, great places to eat, etc etc. At first, like anything else it was kind of creepy. Allowing people to not only see what you are doing but also show the exact location to which they were doing it…

But after the curiosity began to kill me, I finally broke down and joined. I am now currently testing out the features and really just trying to experiment with the multiple uses it may have both personally and professionally. I added current folks I am connected to and as the adoption rate increases within my network, I am getting requests from others: colleagues, friends and strangers a like.

The stranger request are more and more… and stranger and stranger. This weekend I actually received a funny request.

Lucifer, the devil, the arc angel of hell itself requested me as a friend.

First thing I thought was “Satan has been more places than I have been!” The second thought, “He’s from Ohio?” and the final thought was that it was so hilarious that I had to tweet it out!

Of course I did not approve the request but it got me thinking.  A few years back everyone was so scared of internet piracy and privacy. We all had concerns about how much information is too much to put out there. Fast forward to now, some of the same worries exist yet they do not exist in to the extreme as they have in the past (fair to say?). So I think that even though we are more comfortable with putting a lot out there, we should still be mindful of the frequency of how and what is put out for all to see, hear and know.

4 Reasons Satan is already your Friend:

  1. Permissions/Security Settings: If you don’t have permissions set within your digital footprint (online social accounts) he has been watching for a long time.
  2. Spaminators: Spam is easy to do and create. Many people don’t realize that they have been victims. With so many dummy accounts that look real, many people often don’t realize when they automatically accept request or when they may have been hacked. Ever see people with over 10,000 friends, followers, etc. Well I guarantee they have some angels from hell paying attention!
  3. Colleagues: Your boss, co-workers, and company may be cool, but do you really want them having so much access to you? Not everyone is the devil but many people can have ill-intentions.
  4. Big Brother: Whether you add or delete a request, clean up your profile, or edit your settings… someone is always watching. Be mindful of what type of persona you want to project. If you want to get crazy, keep it on Myspace. New networks are for grown-ups!

There are plenty more but this is all I needed to cover. So watch your back and be mindful of your online presence!

What do you think about all this? Have you been a victim? Any advice or thoughts you have on anything listed?

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