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Human Resources: Reality vs. Perception

The Web Show

I happened to catch and participate in the online presentation on Tuesday night at BrazenCareerist (my profile is pretty light). If you did you know there was some slight bashing on HR. Afterward, I happened to think about the view and the perception of Human Resources by most individuals and people within various parts of a business, whether small or large.

So with that I gave it some thought and in grand Picaso style artistry I did a mind map of what HR does, the overgeneralized perception, and what ends up happening to so many departments, the small-or-large-depts-of-1-or-2 in Human Resources.

WHAT Human Resources Actually Does (and deals with)

WHAT some people think about Human Resources

WHAT usually happens as a result

What do you think: While it depends on your organization and really what you are ACTIVELY doing to change the perception do you think this is true? Am I off or spot on? Better yet, what actions are you taking to change the perception?

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  • benjaminmccall
    Steve and Rebecca - Thx for the comments. Part of the issue is us, as HR. The other part is the business. I think these things happen in any area that is not valued by the org. I just think that no one should automatically assume anything.
    But these are based on my own assumptions... wait did I just ruin my point... oh never mind ;)
  • Julie Johnson
    HR does a lot but because we're seen as a cost center we'll always be bashed. We help the business make a profit by doing all of those things depicted in the diagram. A few years ago we gave recruiting to the business to handle and what do you know - it came right back 12 months later (or was it less)... :)
  • HR is the most under-leveraged and least understood function in any organization. It's a shame how often resourceful HR people are side-lined or forced into a silo mentality.
  • This is very true, i like the diagram with all the things we actually do! At my organization i just try to give the best customer service i can to the employees, always pleasant, always deliver results quickly and accurately. If you show that you are capable and willing to listen it goes a long way. Just don't come from a 'no' place!
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