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Monthly Archives: February, 2010

Future of Learning: Learning HOW to LEARN

I am a lifelong learner. I will continue to fill my plate with whatever quenches my appetite.
“The people that are the most passionate about what they do
never, ever stop learning”
Many people are afraid of the new. Scared that if they make mistakes, that they will be looked at negatively.
You learn by trying… doing. [...]

Reflections on the “Little Things”

When beginning my career, after starting to work in the real world (per say) - I would spend my time on ironing boards.
I would neatly press all my shirts and slacks, usually on the weekends. I would hear from people about how they took everything to the cleaners. Had everything pressed, starched and dry cleaned. [...]

Monday Humor: Even HR needs a laugh!

I am not a proponent of being unproductive but I am a supporter of FUN! So here you go, some fun for your Monday

How to waste peoples time (& get them to like you even less):

All weeks aren’t this bad but some are just FACTS (from my reader):

There are skills to being lazy!

Ahhh the dreams [...]

Generational Argument: Get over it

The following post I wrote appeared on Sarah White’s blog in February of 2009 . I am posting it on my blog for 2 reasons. (1) To keep an archive of what I have written and (2) to promote Sarah’s awesomeness. She is a cool cat with lots great insight. She also happens to [...]

It’s about the people, People! A rant on Relationships

I can remember back to when I first moved to Cincinnati. For the first few years I hated it. The city was nice but I did not have much of a chance to really get to know her. I worked in sales and marketing with some small HR activities built within. This job took me [...]

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