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Monthly Archives: November, 2009

What Golf has taught me about HR!

I never thought I would play golf but when I started I was hooked. Here is what golf has taught me about life and Human Resources!

5 reasons why HR is the New Cool Kid

Recently, I came across an article from Fast Company written in 2007 entitled “Why We Hate HR” stating many reasons why Human Resources functions are ineffective at driving ethics, business strategy and the culture of an organization. Some points raised that were proof of this: HR people, at a Las Vegas HR conference, held education [...]

HRD Development: “Employee development, Yes. Trainer development, ummm Not always the case”

Organizations make the case that employees need the best and the brightest. They use this to capitalize on ways to improve performance, increase productivity and ultimately increase the bottom line. A company may be able to snag the best and the brightest but how can they keep them. More pay, more benefits can increase the [...]

The Wheel: Innovation

Innovation in tight times is always hard. It can be especially difficult in the tough economic times we face now. To be the innovative person now is like being Noah facing the task of building an ark in the middle of a desert. You can compare it to the Wright brothers taking their first flight, [...]

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