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Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Perception: Why can’t HR make an impact?

Why can HR not be considered as important as Marketing, Sales and/or Operations? Areas that have traditionally been looked at as revenue generators for the business. While HR helps in the 3 D’s – Direction, Delivery and Development of talent and business strategies; the business does not give the function as much weight as the others.

The Benefit of “Laid Off”

So about the title… umm you just got laid off, through no fault of your own. It can be difficult to sit on the other end of a desk. The supervisor or person who you feel might as well be holding a gun to your head to keep you from reaching over and slapping them [...]

Learning - Old Man, New Tricks

My son is 17 months old and simply amazing. Within these past months, he has come far. From being completely dependent on his parents; getting his food and diaper changed (sorry to be so grotesque) to his transport and changing of clothes; to now being more independent. Walking on his own. Pulling his hand away [...]

HR Researcher (Inaugural Post)

Inaugural Blog - The purpose of Re-Think HR

Projected Launch of ReThink

Projected LAUNCH date of ReThink = 10/23/09

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