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Learning - Old Man, New Tricks

My son is 17 months old and simply amazing. Within these past months, he has come far. From being completely dependent on his parents; getting his food and diaper changed (sorry to be so grotesque) to his transport and changing of clothes; to now being more independent. Walking on his own. Pulling his hand away when I try to guide him in a different direction, wanting to do things on his own. He is gaining a sense of his surroundings. While he is not a fully functional individual, he is well on his way.

Like many of us, he is still trying to run before he walks. Wanting to swallow his entire meal whole, versus taking the time to chew with the limited number of teeth he has. From climbing on top of things, to being a stair step climber and exploring what hidden treasures each room in the house has to offer. He is learning. Every day it is something new and while there are times when he does things that he has no business doing at his age, I do not scold him. Because unlike my years of experience - knowing the right from the wrong, the good from the bad - I have to check myself and realize that he is new to all this.

Many times, we can forget that when we assign task to a team, have a first time review with an employee, or deliver a presentation to a group of individuals, that they are on our page. That what we, as the leader state, will be understood by everyone involved.  We begin to set our agenda and present from our own perspective. However, many times it is just the opposite. People have their own perspective and translate what we say and do in a completely different manner then what we intend. Since this is the case, we must take our time and realize that people are learning, just like my son. They are learning how to deal with you as an individual and in different situations. Communication can often be an issue. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be on the same page, we can commit ourselves to improving our own awareness and making improvements little by little. Remember to take the time to set expectations and come to an agreement on what is expected.

MR GiraffeI am learning too. Through my son’s eyes, I see so many things in a different way. He helps me to remember that while I may have all the experience, I also have all the pre-conceived notions and prejudices of that experience. He has time to change my perspective!

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