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Monthly Archives: December, 2009

New Year Resolution for HR: Training, Don’t Tell Me Show Me!

As we go into the new year, everyone will have Resolutions. I want to lose weight, I need a better job, I will, I won’t, I want. There are others that will want to advance their own skills and knowledge by attending new training, seminars and classes. This is great. But what if you attend [...]

Evolution: the Cell Phone, Social Media got next!

It is amazing what we have seen in just the last 20 years with technology.
Wonder what we’ll see in the next 5, not only for technology but also in the realm of Social Media!

TED discusses what social media can mean in the future.

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Employee Relations-Dwight Schrute Style!

Can you imagine what your world would be like if you had a Dwight in your office.
Dwight Schrute worships and views his boss as model of success. His ultimate goal it to be 2nd only to him and while Dwight craves authority he also takes the authority even when it is not delegated or given. [...]

Learner Style & 5 HR & Learning Cartoons

In facilitation media you use should best fit your personality, meshes with the audience that you are presenting to, and what can ultimately reflect the message and learning you are trying to reinforce. Media, should reinforce and appeal to the content you are presenting and ultimately to your audiences senses. This presents a few of the cartoons and some of the typical types of learners.

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