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Forget the research, there are only 3 types of people

Forget the studies

Yes, if you can, for just a moment… forget what the research says. Disregard what you have learned because I have a theory because I’m about to save you a lot of money. I am all about understanding the individual. I am not a big believer in multiple styles and personalities. While I respect the Meyers-Briggs, Strength-Finders, Disc and the entire anatomy of other evaluation and assessment tools out there, the bottom line is that there are only 3 types of people.

The 3 Types of People:

  1. People who work
  2. People who don’t want to work and
  3. Those people who can’t decide between the two.

I am not segregating this to just the workforce. This also transcends in our personal family lives and our even more personal individual lives.

The People who work:

People who work are tireless in developing themselves and doing what is best for themselves, their families and their colleagues. This does not have to happen at a job. It could be for an organization or for the people that they believe in! They network tirelessly to share ideas and learn. These people work on your behalf. They promote you and themselves so that everyone can do better. Sometimes they are selfish and so are their intentions but the bottom line is that they do what needs to be done and they usually get it done. Thus the fact that they actually work.

People who don’t want to work:

People who don’t work, do not work regardless of how much you pay them, incentive, prod or encourage them. They will find ways to duck determination. These people are just as selfish if not more than the people who work. The difference between these and the previous is that they suck at it. They don’t balance what needs to be done versus what they feel like doing. Oh and what they feel like doing is nothing even close to breaking a sweat or exerting an ounce of effort.

Those people who can’t decide between the two:

What else can I say, these people are so caught up in trying to please everyone that they cannot even start to decide what they should be doing in life, with their family or even whether they should make a left or right at a one-way stop sign!

No Studies, Just a Gut Feeling

Like I said their are no studies, just intuition. And if you think about it deeply you will agree… or maybe not.

So what do you think? Any theories? Feel free to share them here!

3 Types of People (9 Second Video)

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  • Hi Benjamin,

    I think you are definitely on to something here. Often times we tend to over complicate things by adding label after label. That's where managers and leaders get lost. I would add a few things.

    The people that work are consistent performers. The do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. They aren't influenced by anything other than their values and beliefs.

    The people that don't want to work are inconsistent performers. They can and will perform when the consequences are great enough to make an impact. Otherwise they are happy to let those who work do all the work.

    The people who can't decide between the two see that those who work only get more work. And they see those that don't want to work get called into the bosses office. These folks want to avoid both of those scenarios so they fly under the radar doing just enough not to get caught.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post! We don't always need research for things to just make sense.

  • benjaminmccall
    Definitely some good added points Kelly. I do believe in simplicity even I can over-complicate matters. Their is valid research but if it is not simple enough to cause action, then you have just wasted a bunch of time.
    Even detailed research and assessments are summarized!
  • benjaminmccall
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