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Monthly Archives: April, 2010

We are Nothing. We are Everything!

Let me ask you this: Who Are You?
Many of us can say an ‘elevator pitch’  that is typically referred to so often in networking and coaching circles. When planning and searching for a career, others and even ourselves, would like an individual to get to the point. I am often one of the people on [...]

Human Resources: Reality vs. Perception

The Web Show
I happened to catch and participate in the online presentation on Tuesday night at BrazenCareerist (my profile is pretty light). If you did you know there was some slight bashing on HR. Afterward, I happened to think about the view and the perception of Human Resources by most individuals and people within various [...]

Hump Day Humor

Some bosses just need to chill about the competition

What to do about Andre…

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Forget the research, there are only 3 types of people

Forget the studies
Yes, if you can, for just a moment… forget what the research says. Disregard what you have learned because I have a theory because I’m about to save you a lot of money. I am all about understanding the individual. I am not a big believer in multiple styles and personalities. While [...]

Talent Management: Guess What? It’s All About the Talent

When I hear the term Talent Management, I often hear it talked about in the context of recruiting and sourcing. Now I may be completely off, but to me, Talent Management is much more than just finding people for the role. It’s much more than finding the RIGHT people for a company [...]

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