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Unrealistic Expectations in Training and Role Switching

Do you do this to your employees?

Sadly, I see and hear from associates often around this topic. I often see more people being hired into one position but when they start, Day 1, they begin a job with a completely different title and role. With all the hype around  corporate culture emulating who they are and how they treat employees and engagement this is severely unfortunate. No wonder engagement and retention is so hard to maintain.

What steps would you take to remedy this?

Speaking at Xavier University’s Career Campaign

Tomorrow morning I will be speaking at Xavier University’s Williams College of Business Career Campaign.

As a panelist the audience make-up will be current students, graduates, and alumni of the university and I will be talking about “Working while you’re not Working” and innovative ways to approach search, stay active and involved regardless of your situation.

Look forward to meeting current and former Xavier students! If we get eye contact you better say hello!

header Speaking at Xavier Universitys Career Campaign


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