How many of you read the following:

Huffington Post

New York Times


Insert any blog or other periodical here ____________________ !


How many of you re-tweet, like, share or spread these articles and/or blogs?

When you look at your stream, linkedin, or RSS reader do you have things that come up that you have never seen before from different sources and people or are they the same articles, posts, blogs and sites that you see on a daily basis?

tunnel vision The importance of DIFFERENT ideasSpreading ideas is great but spreading the same ideas to the same people can create stagnation. Too many of us are comfortable in our silos without realizing how dependant on those silos we have become.

I don’t know about you but when I walk by those stagnant ponds with moss and green gook it is not very pleasing to me! This action of being stagnant is much like sitting in a church and preaching to the Choir. Everyone hears and agrees with the ideas but you never take an opportunity to see if there is anything better or more to the message!

Do you see the same things over and over again…? Is it insanity or is it just that you have been in the same church for too long? Do you need to go out and randomly hear another sermon?



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