It can be difficult preparing a presentation. Whether for a small or large group. Depending on the topic you have to know you subject and be comfortable with the take that an audience will have on that topic. It is one thing to present to an audience that you are familar with. It is another when you are lumped together with a large group of various topics for the purpose of entertainment.

This Wednesday I will be presenting once again at Ignite Cincinnati. This will be the 4th installment of the local event bringing together 18 people to do 5 minute presentations on a variety of topics and my second time presenting. This time they have increased the venue from holding 150 people to 300+. I look forward to screwing up royaly.

Below is my last presentation that took place earlier this summer. I will plan to post my slides & video from this weekend sometime in the near future.

Why you should not be a statistic.



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