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I was having a conversation with a few people last night at a networking event. We started talking about the way we learn new things, stay abreast of current news and events, interact with others and how we gather information for both personal and professional use. After a mention of my own blog, here at, one colleague mentioned that it was a must read (I’m Honored!). With which the group replied, “cool you have a blog… so what do you talk about?” I began to describe it and a few said that they would have to stop by and read it.

What’s an RSS feed?

For those in the group that currently read it, I was actually surprised to find that several people liked what I had to say and said they stopped by here frequently. I asked, Do you have an RSS feed… blah blah blah. From there it went further into the conversation of how setting up an RSS feed would be very beneficial for anyone trying to stay alert to new info! So for those that have no clue, here are a few resources to help those of you that have never set one up - start to set on up. I promise you it will make your eyes happy!

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Quick Resources

How to set up an RSS Feed (PDF)

RSS in Plain English: (Click for to View)

Intro to Google Reader (Video - In Plain English - Click to View)

How to set up a Google Account and Google Reader (Click to View)



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