What We Teach | How We Learn is an E-Book about Learning. It contains thoughts, suggestions and guidance around Work, Learning and Development.

You’ll find the following topics:

  • Empowering people through development.
  • Adults like to learn. No, Really!
  • The question: “How might you use this?”
  • The importance of training assessments (aka Everything is not a training problem).
  • Making a contribution!
  • Train for the minimum, fail half the time.
  • Become a storyteller.
  • Helping employees help themselves.
  • Make it Stick
  • 10 Tips: Preparation for your presentation.


Image Learning Ebook WhatWeTeachHowWeLearn 300x167 What We Teach | How We Learn



What We Teach | How We Learn is 33 pages of practical information around learning in the workplace and for the self-driven learner that you can implement.

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