fix broken computer I could be doing something better. So could you...My RSS feed has been glitchy lately. Feed burner will not sync for some reason and a few people have told me that they thought I had not been writing sense their feed was not updated. While I am trying to search to troubleshoot and fix this problem, it makes me think how much time could be better focused on things that are more important. Instead I am trying to figure it out. Search on Google and Bing. But I should be doing things that are so much better. I should be…

  1. getting sleep
  2. watching my boy sleep
  3. taking a walk
  4. sitting outside on the porch and listening to the sounds of the night
  5. taking a run
  6. reading a book (actually turning real pages)
  7. talking to a friend IRL

I could be doing any one of these things but I’m not. Whether it be work or life we all have things that we are simply wasting time on in exchange for the things we would regret wasting.

I think about the time we spend on the things that matter less. Not saying they don’t matter. Just saying that there are probably activities and actions we could be taking that matter more.

What are the things that matter that you could be doing more of?

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