Yes, I write about work. Yes, I write about current issues and experiences surrounding HR, Business, Leadership, etc, etc. But most of what this blog is about… is people. How we are consistent. How we are inconsistent. How we are inconsistently consistent and vice versa! How we as people are doing things right and doing it wrong. How my own opinion and fact is right and wrong. How we succeed and fail in work and in life.

However, to write only about work and stay within the context of work would be boring and missing the point. We do not live on an island. The issues we have at work are some of the same issues we have in life. While we often like to complicate and argue against the connections between the two, the fact remains that we are human and it all connects whether we like it or not.

The only way we can become better people is when we recognize the fact that we have to be open and sometimes change the way we think about everything!

Happy Friday!

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