I wrote awhile back of the Importance of Meetings and how you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t attend them. However, I have been a part of many meetings that have had absolutely no purpose. Some of the reasons these meetings have had no purpose to me:

  • A meeting to prepare for meeting
  • A series of meetings to prepare for other meetings
  • No agenda
  • Asked to attend yet do not know what your purpose is for being there
  • Invited with the thought that you will be an attendee only to find out that you are somehow the focus of the meeting thus leaving you…
  • attending a meeting completely unprepared.
  •  etc.

What are some reasons you feel meetings have no value?

Have you ever felt like doing this?

job fails monday thru friday shortly after he pulled his parachute completing his elaborate friday escape plan Meetings can be unbearable

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