“At it’s core…

Leadership is the right people, allowing the right people, in the right situations, do THEIR best work.”

Let me explain…

No one person is an island.

We have gifts, certain strengths and abilities that many argue we are born with or gain through experience and practice. Others believe in a combination. Often our own logic, opinion and collected statistical data are at odds.

Experience + Data = My opinion

However, if I speak from experience and knowledge of the data, true success never came about through one person’s individual work. Every great person in history who has achieved anything worth anything… has been helped, hindered, challenged and supported by more than themselves.

It does take and often begin with an individual’s “drive” and “will”. This individual’s “drive” and “will” will no doubt produce “fruit.” However, without a system in place that allows that DRIVE and/or the people that may help to create an environment that encourages this individual WILL to be nourished; it can become more difficult for “sweet fruit” to grow.

So at it’s core Leadership is really about…

“…the right people, allowing the right people, in the right situations, do THEIR best work.” or

“Leadership is the right people, placing the right people, in the right situations so those people can do THEIR best work.”


This “work” does not have to be in a corporate environment, business or an organization.

This best “work” could be with their family, colleagues, professional, interpersonal interactions, moments…

this “best work” is what YOU as an individual ultimately want to do your ‘best’ at!

At it’s very core, this is what Leadership is all about.

You can now call me out or curse at me and say “poppycock’ ;o)


Thanks to the Ohio HR conference for allowing me to present at this weeks conference!!!

What is your opinion? Comment below, I would really like to hear what you think?


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