The first step in Diversity… is realizing that you barely know S*(% about Diversity.

The second step… admitting, openly, that you barely know S*(% about Diversity!


Diversity is more than race. It is more than Inclusion efforts. It goes deeper than a statistic. It doesn’t stop when you have a Chief Diversity Officer. You have not reached success when you have met the right mix of workforce variety. Reached the correct percentage of suppliers for your construction project or vendor partners.

Diversity is about building an understanding of who we are as people.

It is about respecting the fact that our common sense is common to none of us.

It is about looking past the stereotypes and our own perceptions to admit that:

Look, I know nothing about you but I realize that I may need to. For the good of me, for the good of you, for the good of my work and those children of ours that will come after us… I know that I need to sit down and realize…

that just because we are different doesn’t mean we are not the same.

The only way you can step past the stereotype is if you are willing to step into the conversation!

Tell me… are you willing to talk - about the S*(% you don’t know?

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