Being blind from birth has it’s advantages,
like not knowing exactly what your disadvantages are!
~ Tommy Edison, @BlindFilmCritic

Today is almost Friday. Which means it is Thursday and just another day for people to complain about life until they are free for the weekend.

Usually, during the week, you hear so much about how crappy someones job is (the quiet ones have no complaints?). Like: How frustrating the changes are to a person’s daily role, or “How in the hell is a 37 year old ninny becoming a CEO!

In life there are always insights and interesting perspectives. One came to me from yourtuber TommyEdisonXP. I love this guy. I wish he was my neighbor. In one video he states something to the affect of “Being blind from birth has its advantages, like not knowing exactly what your disadvantages are!” which I don’t know if he said but seems like something he would say…well whatever it is a good one and you should check him out below.

Here is a funny and most insightful (no pun) look at his answer about finding out from his parents that he was blind. Find your normal is a simple idiosyncrasy of life that we can all learn from!

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