The next time you have someone come to you with a question or a problem - one they really need to ask…

Let them!

Oh and do this…


A novel idea yet often an idea not practiced.

two ears one mouth The problem with 2 Ears...

2 ears for a reason

There is a common activity that goes on in our brain when we try to listen. It doesn’t. Though we truly are wanting to listen intently, we have a tough time doing so. The part of our brain that loves to solve, loves to begin the process of an answer, starts to work diligently. While our brains are working hard, we are missing on the fundamental clues to help someone help themselves.

Really to help that person, help themselves - we need to listen and often only do that. If we just listen and allow the other person to talk, they will often come to their own conclusion.

Often we are too busy trying to answer the question before we fully realize that no question is truly being asked of US

… but that question is really a question that the individual is asking themselves.

If we only listen, often they will realize it too.

Our silence can be their clarification! What do you think? Do you agree?

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