Some opportunities no one wants. So they will delegate, pass them off or just dump them on you.

When you are tagged, you can do exactly what the previous person did. You can dump it on someone else or you can take it. You can own it and make, what that bad situation was to one person, and create a great opportunity for yourself.

When you make lemonade out of the lemons from what someone else passed off to you, they will sometimes be envious of the good results you created…. or they may want the credit for that outcome.

They may also be happy for you.

Regardless, when you are faced with this at work or in life do me a favor… try to make that ‘situation’ better!

At the most surprising times you might just be chosen. Just trust yourself and your ability when it does happen! That is when it is good to be “it.”

What do you do when you get a lemon project?



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