Much like Leadership, Innovation, Engagement…

…Passion is one of the many sexy terms being preached in business and life. It is often argued that if you don’t have passion you will not be as engaged as those who do. Everyone has passion for something. Passion can be translated in the workforce. Some passions could make absolutely no sense in their work but it is what fuels and drives them in life. It is what can ultimately help contribute to their work.

The guy below has passion. His friend that gave him the toys knew he had passion for this as a child. While it may seem weird that a grown man has this much passion around a childhood toy it should not be considered crazy. Think about the things that drive you. As a child. As an adult.

Think about the items, moments or people that hold the deepest memories. Is there something in your present or past that builds you up?

Can you imagine if any one of your employees, friends, family members or colleagues had an ounce of the passion that this guy below had? How much could you accomplish if you knew exactly what your people hold dear… what they deem important?


So let me ask a sincere question. What is it that drives you? What was or is your passion? I would really like to know. Feel free to comment below!

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