We all have our own distinct opinions. We often argue for these opinions. You see it happen at your place of business. Between customers and sales people. Between various departments and employees. Each area is often so entrenched in their own feeling of what is correct that “they” or “you” forget that other ideas could actually trump, prove incorrect, or increase the effectiveness of those arguments.

The Collision of Ideas

I am a believer in the “collision” of ideas. An understanding that our own development and success could be enhanced by our ideas and opinions colliding with those of others. It may not matter whether the ideas are similar. It only matters that the two separate and possibly opposing but similar ideas collide. This collision could lead to better ideas or the building from one truth to an even better truth.

Yet so many people, organizations and working departments often never actively create opportunities to talk to each other.

That lack of discussion or coming together could be diminished because the parties in question believe it to be a waste time, that the other person may try to sabotage or put down the idea. It could also be due to the simple battle between sales and administration, between the glass ceiling  and the front line, or even the annoying but popular argument of HR versus Business. It’s as if the dissension is more comfortable than the prospect of success?

Regardless, the collision of ideas is needed in order for innovation to occur. It is needed in order for processes to be improved, for business to be profitable. But the most important reason for ideas to collide is to allow people to come together and understand the common purpose toward achieving the common goal!

In the video below Neil Degrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, and popularizer of science speaks shortly on what he believes causes the ineffectiveness of government politics and eludes to the essential need for the cross-function within teams!



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