When questions are asked on how to best deliver Trust, Engagement, Effectiveness or Morale in the workplace; articles usually tout the names of CEO’s, Executive Teams and Heads of HR as the key deliverer’s of advice. These articles are passed along and then referred and referenced in articles and discussions. Often this “advice” from an opinion perspective are taken as the new “best practice” approach.   Simply… because some big company CEO or Executive team member “stated” from their perspective what should be done.

I don’t know about you but I very rarely see any new ideas or approaches from any of these big companies or big names.

The same ideas and advice given by the big “best in class” companies” are often similar or done less effectively than what you may be doing in your own small, less well-known organization.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
~ Albert Einstein

We all want to know how! We all want to be given steps. It helps. Yet let’s stop doing this!

Let’s stop asking similar questions to those at the top of the organization expecting them to offer anything drastically different then what has been offered in the past.

I say this. Instead of always asking for best practices, advice and approaches from the top, begin to ask it of those in the middle to the bottom

I’m not saying the advice you receive from the top isn’t good. I’m just saying that your employees perspective shouldn’t be treated like it’s bad!

Any true executive leader would offer this same advice!

What do you think?

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