Look I have never been to an UN-conference. However, the concept is similar to the way I have approached my career and function within HRD, Learning and Development, etc. So the whole idea around it puts a blaze under my seat. Why? Because something with the word UN in it cannot be anything but different from what you expect. In my mind, if you want to set a conference a part from any other then you definitely have to do some very UN-conferency things! I personally am looking forward to taking part and being one of the facilitator’s for a session. While I am no expert (none of us are) here are some things that I think you should definitely NOT do at HRevolution


  1. Wear a nice suit, crisp shirt, frilly scarf or cool tie - well maybe for the first impression of the first night but after you get your grown-and-sexy on the night before the un-conference, be sure to bring your down-and-dirty-thinking clothes on the next day!
  2. Bring an Ego - OK, you are a rock star. The go to person. The one that everyone mentions, RT’s on twitter, points and shares in their reader and have spoken at many conferences. Everyone loves you. So what? Umm who cares. We are all at the same level here. I know it’s hard to hear but get over it. (I say this all with the utmost love and respect ;o)
  3. Talk more than you listen - Listen and learn. Share your ideas that challenge the status-quo when they need to be shared! Nuff said.
  4. Sit in the back corner - I know it can be tough, especially for the 50 to 75 other people that have never been there before (I am one of the newbies). Don’t let that get in the way of meeting and exchanging perspectives.
  5. Be overly irrational, incoherent - Have fun, even a few drinks. Don’t get crazy. I have been to plenty official conferences that get too crazy that you loose the point of what you are there for. I guess I should say get crazy but but not to the point where it gets uncomfortable or creepy!
  6. Argue for the sake of arguing - During the conference don’t argue for the sake of arguing. If you have a point to make bring it. If you don’t then there is no reason to belabor a point that can’t be made. Challenge because challenge is needed.
  7. Walk by and not say hello - Hey you are there to learn but also to connect and meet people. Put a face, personality and perspective to a profile and handle.
  8. Leave without a plan of Action! - Make sure to take down notes and ideas on how you can implement or enact the ideas you have discussed within your work and personal life within the first 30 days.
  9. and above all

  10. Do not stay on Twitter, your blog, Delicious, Facebook, Foursquare the entire time - I may be a little guilty of this but for God’s sake it isn’t the reason I use social media. The reason I use it is to ultimately be social in person. So get the info out but don’t be glued so much to the device that you don’t connect.

For those attending looking forward to meeting you. Please do not hesitate to come up and say hi if you see me. I don’t like to interrupt people in conversations so I may come across as stuck up when I am really just trying to be courteous!

What do you think - anything to add?

We Cool? Cool! This post may have come across as uptight and annoying but just some thoughts. I promise I am much more laid back in person! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get it started!

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