It happens in an instant

Sometimes you can make a quick and brash decision. A decision that, when you look back, you wonder: “Ummm what exactly what was I thinking?” Then you realize that it is for the best. That you have done it for a good cause (Pun intended for the image to the left).

One day I get a tweet from Bill Boorman asking me to participate. A few emails later and I get a message from Geoff Webb.

The decision that I am referring to is the one of being in a calender for #MenofHR. The thoughts of disbelief quickly diminish when I think of how my decision to take part will benefit Haiti Relief and the Orchid Cancer Appeal charities.

I am Mr. December

You can read more on Michael VanDervort’s The Human Race Horses blog. But if you would like to purchase your calendar and give to a worthy cause feel free to buy it!

I made my sacrifice now you can make yours ;)

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