honesty If we had to be honest...

…would we be? Probably not.

Disclaimer: Take advantage of this now, I may not be this honest again… I’m too afraid…

We tell ourselves

we could be honest but we approach honesty like it is the edge of a cliff. We can usually step right up to the edge and look over but don’t have the guts to jump because that would be crazy wouldn’t it?

That is what honesty is. The edge of a cliff that we’re not crazy enough to jump off of. Why should we. What is the value of being honest when we don’t have a system or environment that will take that honesty and use it as a learning curve to become better.

That is why…

That is why we have leadership that cannot take the brutal truth about why the employees are ineffective. Why leaders within organizations can’t break down the business in a way people can understand. Why they won’t invest in the people to meet the needs of the future.

This lack of honesty keeps us lying in interviews in hopes of gaining favor from the person sitting on the other side in front of us. It keeps hiring managers from saying “you’re a waste of my and your time” for fear of being impolite.

Lack of honesty is why some popular bloggers don’t allow comments…

Why are we so afraid. We never use to be!.? or have we always been afraid? Did it just took us getting older to realize that “Honesty” should be taboo.

Lack of honesty

Lack of honesty is why managers are not capable of allowing their teams do their best work. Managers, too fearful to approach an unproductive and sometimes pompous ass. The one person they have been holding onto for way too long because “well, who else will do that thing they do?” Using this excuse all while breaking down the productivity and integrity of the team and their view of that very manager.

We watch television shows and want to live better lives. We go through Facebook and view online status updates like they are more important than the lives we have right in front of us. When exactly did it become OK to replace a virtual world (whether it be the work you go to every day or the online community that you can’t peel your eyes away from) with that of the real one.

If I had to be honest…

If I had to be truly honest… I wouldn’t be. Because it would hurt feelings. It would put me in the unknown. Whether it be in the office or in the living room, no matter how much people ask for the truth, they often find it too hard to handle for face value.

stepoffcliff If we had to be honest...

Let Me Be Honest

I would tell you that I am a proud husband, a loving father, an accomplished professional, knowledgeable practitioner and avid writer. Many people I know would agree and have said these very words.

However, if I had to be honest and give in to my own self-conscious mind - I’m not a good enough husband, an ignoring father, a wanna be professional, somewhat sub-par practitioner acting as if I know what I am doing, and someone who is attempting to write a blog to gain acceptance.

Before you can be honest with others, you first have to be honest with yourself.

Now if you had to be honest… what would you say…

go ahead… look over the ledge… and JUMP!



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