Branding, Logos, the communication of ideas and identity has always fascinated me. Because people make decisions on whether or not they will buy, interact, embrace or maintain their relationship with you based on how they identify with you. Even how you allow yourself to be identified!

They will recognize and sustain the relationship based on habit or a need. Whether that need is of indulgence, want, or survival we cannot control. However, if that need is based on individual WANT then we can help in the way an individual views us. They can either NOT want or WANT to interact with you.

The following video below is the result of a Sunday project Adam Ladd had with his daughter.  After watching, think deeply.

Then ask yourself:

  1. How do I project who I am?
  2. Do others identify?
  3. as a result… Should I change?

This is the world of corporate logos, as seen through the eyes of his  5-year-old daughter. Follow him at  @ladddesign

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